FS60 is a professional fingerprint scanner from Futronic with 3.2x3.0 inch scanning area. Its advanced optical system can capture a high quality 4 fingerprints image in less then 2 sec. image. The high quality image make it qualified to the FBI's Appendix F certification. PLEASE NOTE, INTERNATIONAL DESTIONATIONS REQUIRE AN EXPORT LICENSE FROM THE STATE DEPARTMENT THAT WE MUST APPLY FOR WHICH CAN TAKE UP TO 30 DAYS TO PROCESS.


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Its advanced optical system can capture a high quality 4 fingerprints image in less then 2 sec. It can also capture fingerprint in a 1.6x1.5 inch (40.64x38.10mm) scanning area with high frame rate to create a rolling fingerprint image. The outlook design of FS60 is compact and robust. It is suitable for use in various environments and applications including border control, electronic ID, passport issuing and electronic election enrollment and idenification. Fully programmable LEDs, buttons and acoustic buzzer provide the largest degree of freedom to system developers to design a intuitive user interface. All these features make FS60 the most cost effective and affortable solution for large scale fingerprint identification system.

Technical Specifications
* Scanner Dimension - Width: 4.86 inch (123.5 mm), Length: 6.00 inch (152 mm),Height: 3.35 inch (85 mm)
* Roll Print Size - 1.6 inch x 1.5 inch (40.64mm x 38.1mm)
* Scanning Window Size - 3.2 inch x 3.0 inch (81.2mm x 76.2mm)
* Platen Window Size - 3.7 inch x 3.2 inch (94.00mm x 82.00mm)
* Optical Resolution - 500ppi image capture output
* Image Quality - FBI IQS IAFIS Image Quality Specification Appendix F
* Interface - USB 2.0
* Weight -4.4 lbs. (about 2 kg.)
* Operating Temperature - +5º to +45º C
* Housing - ABS for outer shell aluminium alloy internal frame
* Workstation Computer - Computer Pentium 4 1.7 GHz or greater with 512 MBRAM and display resolution of
* 1280 x 1024. With USB2.0 port (500mA)
* Standard Features - 10 red & green dual colour LED indicators, 2 buttons and buzzer. The capture 3.2”x3.0” area
* completes in less then 2.0* sec. The capture 1.6”*1.5” area completes in less then 0.6* sec.
* Power - Powered by USB bus, no external power supply is required
* Warranty - One year limited warranty
* OS Support - WinXP, Vista, Windows 7, WinCE, Linux
* Certifications - FBI, FCC, CE and RoHS Compliant

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