Fin'Lock FB21M Fingerprint Access Control System provides enterprises a secured but convenient access and attendance control solution. It supports MiFare card(a contactless smart card technology developed by Philips) so that any combination of fingerprint, MiFare card and PIN can be used for access and attendance control. If necessary, fingerprint can also be stored in MiFare card to eliminate any possible privacy issue.


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FS21M can operate in both Local and Network mode. With standard Ethernet interface, FB21Ms can be connected as a cluster in LAN/Internet under the control of a single Fingerprint Authentication Server(FAS) which is a Futronic proprietary software running on Windows 2000/XP.

  • FS21M supports Futronic proprietary Live Finger Detection(LFD). If this function is activated, only live fingers can be used to access and FB21M will not capture the image from fake fingers. So fake fingers made from silicone and rubber can't be used to access.
  • With MiFare card reader and writer. That is, all FB21M can be used to issue MiFare card for users.
  • Six access control methods to meet different application needs:
    • Fingerprint only(1-to-N matching)
    • ID + Fingerprint(1-to-1 matching)
    • MiFare card + Fingerprint(1-to-1 matching)
    • MiFare card + Fingerprint stored on card(1-to-1 matching)
    • MiFare card + PIN
    • MiFare card only
  • Each user can register up to 3 fingerprints
  • User/Finger administration, add, delete, edit, etc, can be done in both Fin'Lock and FAS/PC
  • User/Finger database can be synchronized between Fin'Lock and FAS/PC via LAN
  • All communication between FB21M and FAS is encrypted by Blowfish algorithm and the key exchange between is done by Deffie-Hellmann algorithm.
  • Can operate in local mode or network mode
  • Support Wiegand interface with 5 selectable output format.
  • Support Futronic's Remote Relay Unit FB30.
  • There are black and silver colour enclosure for customer to select.

Please note, MiFare cards do not come with this device and can be purchased at the following:

1K - $2.50 each

4k - $3.50 each

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